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Monsoon Promotions! And Payments Proofs!
Published on Jul 25th, 2021 03:55 pm

Dear All,

I am so happy that our system has proven to be stable and a good source to make effortless income. We have at the moment some happy withdrawals and as Admin, I was excited to process even more.

Giving you a Kick Start - For any deposit of $2.00 or more to any wallets from now on will have a Flat 10% deposit bonus

Like we have mentioned at the beginning of the business, we believe in reliability and I will be so true and honest to my members. All I am asking is a bit of support.

Once you have received your payments, please share your proof of payments in our community and also at EMS public forum.

Wish you all the best and Happy Earnings here!


Thanks for the love and concern!
Published on Jul 18th, 2021 08:25 pm

Dear All,

I really regret to keep the platform on maintenance for making it customized. But due to the delay that we faced from the developer side, I have asked them to make the platform live and take a break to get a resolution with the work.

For 7 days from now, I have disabled the minimum 4 clicks for the Referrals to click the option so that we all get adapted to the platform again.

I know it was 15 plus days we were having this trouble. But please do accept the apology for keeping you waited for so long.

There will be some updates against withdrawals with some of the options.
Deposit required to make withdrawals to - Coinpayments, Faucetpay, and Bitcoin of Coin2Send since we are still at Zero in these wallets for making it accepted.

Regards and Thanks for the love and understanding.


New payment Processors and Notik Offer Wall
Published on Jun 29th, 2021 09:51 pm

Dear All,

Our payment processor network has been widened. Real Ad Solutions has merchant API now with - Coinpayments, FaucetPay, Payeer, PerfectMoney, Airtm, and Coin2Send for Bitcoins and Litecoins.

Coinpayments merchant has a bit of limitation. in that, the platform does not accept small deposits or withdrawals. When I tested here, the minimum deposit accepted is $30 or more. Because of the same reason, deposits are mandatory for this particular processor subject to their withdrawal limitations under the same.

Apart from that Notik offer wall has been introduced here in addition to one more way to boost your earning potential.

With this update, I introduce to you Deposit Bonus:
1. $2 to $10 - 5%
2. $11 to $25 - 10 %
3. $26 to $100 - 15%
4. Above $100 + 20 %

All the deposit incentives will be added to your purchase balance after confirming the deposit id via support tickets within 12 to 24 hours maximum.

Regards and
All the best - Invincibleaugu

Travel back to India- Can't be active till Sunday.
Published on Jun 23rd, 2021 10:31 pm

Dear All,

Get Over with my work journey in Kuwait, I will be traveling to India by Friday. As we are undergoing a lot of regulations with travel proceedings, I should also comply with that before my travel.

I will be having an eye on the forums but to be active like always will be a bit difficult till Sunday.

A lot of good things I am planning personally and professionally in the upcoming months.
If any withdrawal requests or any support tickets will be done on or after Sunday only.
For any emergency please consider writing under forums only.

Till the time being, dear all, look after our forums at Real Ad Solutions.


Slow But Stable - Why the DOUBT to Join?
Published on Jun 21st, 2021 01:13 am

Dear All,

Real Ad Solutions has completed 2 months of its operations. This community is still very tiny but the affection and care all have given so far is splendid and thanks for all the support.

On its 2 month anniversary, I have added 3 new Rules under the TERMS OF SERVICE:
1.13. Starting from 01-07-2021, It is mandatory that for any withdrawal request to get approved, the members should be active on forums. On average of 5 individual posts required to get cashout approval. Likewise, to get the approval against the 2nd withdrawal request, 10 posts required, and for the 3rd, 15 posts, and so on.

6.8. Members should comply with terms 1.13 to be eligible to get approvals to cashouts from 1st July 2021.

I am happy that Real Ad Solutions has a lot of page views every day. But the page views are not being converted into signups it still makes me upset. If you still doubt it, then I have no comments on that.

For the one who still shares that love towards Real Ad Solutions and me, Love you back and this is a promise that we will continue to be the best and leading.




Some Casual Updates - Nothing important
Published on Jun 12th, 2021 12:01 am

Dear Friends,

Real Ad Solutions was launched on the 21st of April this year. Though we have received positive responses within the 48 hours of our launch, the interest seems to be diminishing as per the site statistics.

As a business planning to go further with a profitable and stable future for the members and at the same time as that to the business itself, I want to know the reason why it lacks support to at least give it a try.

To be honest, our business plans with everything useful for our members are cheap also.
Gonna be two months of launch and we are still alive with few members. Kudos to those who are still here and having trust in my plans and also getting paid from me. 

Very highly promoted businesses who began with us have closed it and scammed it already. I am paying with my profits with this platform only. At the same time, the investments that I have received are safe till now and also pretty much under profitability. 

Looking forward to hearing from active users here at Real Ad Solutions.


Published on May 28th, 2021 01:11 am

Dear Friends,

My exclusive PTC platform which was happened to be my first project launched last year has again relaunched under, a genuine Gen4 PTC script.

You are most welcome to the platform and give me splendid support and luck with this amazing platform with superb features.


Airtm Automated Payments Enabled
Published on May 18th, 2021 01:18 am

Dear Friends,

Happy to introduce Airtm under Real Ad Solutions automated and you may find it under Add Funds.

For this big news, I am happily introducing an all-time deposit promotion for all the wallets available.

Any payments From $5.00 to $100.00 - Flat 5% Bonus to Purchase Balance
Any Payments Above $101.00 - 10% Bonus to Purchase Balance.

All the best everyone and enjoy your stay at Real Ad Solutions.


Paid To Click Ad Promotion
Published on May 09th, 2021 11:24 pm

Dear Friends,

All throughout my Paid to click experience, I have seen that the minimum ad value which attracts conversions are always click value worth $0.001 for clickers. But the price at which that are being offered were on a higher price almost 200% to 500% of the click values.

At Real Ad Solutions, we are bringing the best and cheapest advertisement promotion where for any package, the business profit is $0.50 only.

For advertisers, this is the best offer you need to try. Hurry and grab your positions!


3rd Week Analysis as of 7th May 2021
Published on May 07th, 2021 09:44 pm

Dear Friends,

A considerate loss in the signups and member activities though we are facing, you may have an update of the weekly analysis as of 7th of May 2021.

For the considerate down trend in sign-ups under Real Ad Solutions, the business has modified it’s launch promotion of Silver Memberships. Now the bonus is available till we reach 500 Registered members.

Apart from that we have also modified the RR click values a bit on a higher side as we have received feedback from some of our members, that the values are a bit less. Remember, the RR active days are only 30 days and you need to strategize accordingly.

For the new members who has joined us during this week you may have a review of last two weekly analysis from the below links given.

1st Week Analysis
2nd Week Analysis
For all the members at Real Ad Solutions Family, we thank you for the support and all the best everyone.