7th Week Business analysis

Started by invincibleaugu May 29th, 2021 at 01:08
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invincibleaugu (Founder)
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Dear Friends,

Since we have started our journey with Real Ad Solutions, everything is going smoothly and perfectly so far.
I had trouble with two of my dream sites in which bcoinbux.com has been launched and also a bit busy with its final development.

In the 7th Week of Real Ad Solutions:
1. Our paid member Nubbins7 has been lost his way and not being so active at the moment.
2. We are still waiting for our active members to reach the target of $2 for the withdrawal.
3. The Alexa ranking of our platform has been 108,386 so far.
4. Our site earnings have grown to $4.00 so for and that is superb for a new platform with fewer member activities.

We still have good faith under real ad solutions and I request everyone to put on an effort where the site with settings and profitability was launched member oriented.

Not applicable for BcoinBux as the platform has been wholeheartedly accepted with a good amount of signups and user activities. We hope all will give the same love and support here at Real Ad Solutions.