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Started by wolverin Apr 24th, 2021 at 07:00
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1st i am a PTC scene member since 2004 and i worked on years, then quit and again back etc. Since 2018 november i do nothing in the scene... Some weeks ago when i checked some of my old sites, just got paid $60 full and i just think a short back and invest this money on several PTC/revshares.
I just found this PTC (business??) site on the internet, but becouse seen nothing without signup so i just regged on it. Here it is my opinions:
- the 90 days Silver MBS is good (many thanks for it)
- daily ads VERY LOW ones, max. 1,5c daily (!) it is negative fact$
- the referral earnings in the Upgrade page 10% on all types of Upgrades (how can i make profit on this site with 0,15c per day per referral?)
- rented referrals min. 3 RR for 60c aka 20 per RR in 30 days. Calculating: highest ads from 1 SILVER member/RR 4x$0.0025 aka 0,1c per ref per day. May need 20-100 ACTiVE DRs for a good reason, so
may it is impossible to profitable??? OR i need more informations about RR then, but in the Upgrade page were on it 10%. To get many active DRs for this site may spend much more then i got DRs!
- min. withdraw $2. If i didn't got it as a Signup Bonus and i just SPENT $5 for 30 days how can i got it back (and i nothing say any profit!). NO informations for RR clicks and how many Standard ads for HIGHEST Upgrade MBS!!
- i stepped in the Upgrades: from Gold seems $0.005 per Standard ads (becouse 20%), Diamond may $0.0125 per Std ads and i think $0.025 for Titanium. BUT it is very expensive also about got nothing informations how can i make profitable my Upgrading!
- clicking on Revenue Shares it is goes back to my Account (from -> Earn Money also as in clicked the Account's little treasure icon)
Sorry but i reviewed ******** PTC "That quote has been deleted as per baseless observation" - invincibleaugu!
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Hello my Friend,
Your writing was actually an eye opener to review our calculations. At the same time the information was very much vaguely described both under memberships and FAQs.

Yes the click value described in percentage was quite a bit confusing for which we have updated our FAQs with click values as per memberships, RRs and DRs. You may refer to the same as below:

We have also modified the Upgrade page image for avoiding future confusions.

Apart from this, your concern as a member about click values are baseless as that factors makes PTC model in this industry beautiful and inspires any member to reach higher levels and improve earning potentials.

Also about your knowledge about RRs and its click values resembles businesses which are intended for cheating and scams only. So we prefer stable clicks, with a strategy that will not get none of us loss.

Sign up Bonus - Common my friend. I have given a membership that is free for 90 days worth $15 per member for 2000 sign ups that itself is a contribution of $30000 from business perspective as a promotion.

About your concern that it is expensive, my answer will be a big NO with my experience as a member, support and co-admins in so many PTC websites so far.

You will not able to get any information about the earning potential until and unless you try. So with out effort, presumptions and assumptions are matter of laziness.

Revenue shares are Cache issues - You have to clear your browsing data including your cache and cookies and you may able to visit the page.

Also the rating you have given out of 10, I just deleted the score due to the fact that your revision about the business vision, intensions and also profitability are just assumptions with out any attempt has been made to truly find out the actual deeds.

I hope I justified you with my reply on this.