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Started by invincibleaugu Jun 28th, 2021 at 00:00
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invincibleaugu (Founder)
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Dear all,

Due to a valid discussion that has currently undergoing regarding the statistics with earnings, I have some great updates to share.
Real Ad Solutions now has improved click rates and unlimited referrals irrespective of memberships. Also, I have reduced the membership price for both Mini and Yearly plans. The mini-plans will be offered for 45 days instead of 30 days from today.

Below you will have the New update:

Some Points I should Quote here:
1. Earnings without referrals or few referrals will be less only
2. You have more referrals- your earnings will be more.
3. Memberships will have an advantage with the RR system only. Otherwise, you will have earnings from clicks only and that might be less.
4. You have unlimited referrals irrespective of memberships now. The click value is parallel - that means free members can also earn equal earnings of upgraded members and thus, Real Ad Solutions is now friendly for free members.

Business Weakness:
Real Ad Solutions uses illegal evolutionscript 5.7 version.
By next week we will have the platform under legit customisation.

I am seriously expecting our members to promote as much as you can so that the business will grow and also you as a member shall enjoy more earnings here.

invincibleaugu (Founder)
Posts: 63
We are almost there.

Get ready to see the changes in the upcoming days. Excited!